IMPORTANT NOTICE !! Safety & Wellness Form is available to complete before appointments here.

Hello to all of my amazing clients, existing and new. 

I have missed you all!

Hang in there, being able to see you back at Kylie Rose Hair and to be doing what i love the most is getting that little bit closer! 

We will be reopening for basic hair services once restrictions have been lifted. 

Please bear with us during these unprecedented times and keep in mind, we are having to change everything about the way we normally work to be able to bring you services due to the extremely delicate nature of this pandemic we are experiencing. I have to adhere to strict operating procedures to do so...

We are unable to offer make-up services over this time until further notice.  All clients with pre-booked services prior to lockdown have priority, any new bookings will get spaces offered, once all pre-bookings have been sorted.  No walk-ins can be taken during this time. 

We are only open to clients with a pre-organised appointment. Only that particular client is permitted into the salon for the duration of their service.

No family, friends or dependents are permitted to come along/visit with you. If they do, we will be forced to turn you away and reschedule your appointment when other arrangements can be made, and we donโ€™t wish to be put in that position. 

We are only permitted to service one client per stylist at any one time.

Services are limited to the bare basics, to limit the time spent in the salon, but just enough to get you through to your next appointment.

We are unable to do โ€˜dryโ€™ cuts for hygiene purposes, all cut services are to be shampooed prior. 

Also blow drying services are to be kept to a minimum. (basic dry offs only) to limit hair being blown around. 

We will continue contactless product deliveries.

Contact us via our phone : 07974609427. 

Facebook messenger. 

Google, website, or email: for all appointments, inquiries and product purchases. 

Please do not come to the salon unless you have an appointment.

If you are unwell, please stay home. We are unable to have you in the salon. Call us to reschedule for at least 2 weeks, time.

When arriving at the salon, social distancing is expected at all times. Please show courtesy for others and make space around you.

On arrival, you will notice we will be wearing PPE, please follow all instructions given.

You will be required to sanitise your hands with our sanitiser provided. 

After this, your temperature will be taken by a contactless device.

You will then be required to fill out our consultation and questionnaire form.

This must be completed and signed. 

We are required by law to hold contact information and declarations for all who enter our premises for services.

Please note, this information will be handed over to authorities if required for contact tracing purposes. 

Your questionnaire will be reviewed along with your temperature, if all is good, you will then be taken to your seat for services. 

We are unable to offer communal reading material or any refreshments, so we recommend bringing your own. 

Please note, whatever you do bring with you, needs to go with you when leaving, including rubbish. This avoids any unnecessary contact. 

To allow time with all these new procedures in place, we require you to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

As always we will be following our high cleaning standards by sanitising all equipment before and after each client, and between each service.

We are extending to all furniture and surroundings of each station. 

We wash our hands thoroughly before and after each client. 

We are ramping up normal high levels of cleaning procedures by fully sanitising all surfaces and high touchpoints within the salon in regular intervals throughout the day.   

We are using single use bio capes and neck towels to keep you safe.

Feel free to wear a mask to your appointment if you feel safer doing so. 

You will fit right in with me.

We have contactless payment facilities available, via Pay wave, After-Pay, or via online banking via your phone.

Please bear with us during these unprecedented times, we are doing all we possibly can to keep our clients and ourselves safe and well during this time. 

We are all working amongst new procedures, and scary times. 

This can cause stress and anxiety to all involved.

We need your help to make this time as seamless as possible, but as with anything new, we need to expect there will always be teething problems. 

We will no doubt be in hot demand due to the length of time we have been off the floor and with clients in desperate need for grooming. We aim to get each, and every one of you looking your new best self. 

We are doing our bit as a business to stamp out this virus so we can get back to giving you the Kylie Rose hair Experience we all know and love sooner rather than later.

Take care and stay happy ๐Ÿ’“ ๐ŸŒˆ